Richard Exley Ministries

It’s hard to believe but another year is rapidly drawing to a close. Christmas is only three weeks away and then the New Year will be upon us. In many ways 2007 has been one of the best years ever for the ministry. The anointing of the Holy Spirit has made our ministry more effective than ever before.  Week after week the altars are filled with people finding salvation and restoration for their marriages and families. I am not exaggerating when I say that none of this would be possible without your faithful support.  Your prayers are the strength of this ministry!

 In 2007 I conducted 40 conferences, Replica Watches retreats and seminars including a mission’s trip to the Philippines. In addition I made guest appearances on two television programs and seventeen radio programs. I also wrote a mini book titled “The Gift of Gratitude – Living With a Thankful Heart” and I began work on the sequel to “The Alabaster Cross” for Emerald Pointe Books. My newest book for grieving people -- “From Grief to Gratefulness” will be released in late January or early February.

I also spent weeks putting together material for the new ministry web site.  In addition to the four areas of ministry:  Mentoring Couples, Mentoring Men, Mentoring Ministers and Grief Recovery, we also have a daily pod cast, a blog and an online bookstore.  The web site launched on Oct. 15, 2007. It is still a work in progress and we hope to soon have audio teachings available for each of the four ministry areas. These could be listened to on the site or downloaded.

As most of you know the books I write are a significant part of the ministry. We have hundreds of testimonials from people whose lives have been transformed through the written word.  Therefore it is imperative that we keep these materials in print.  Unfortunately if a book is not a runaway bestseller the publisher will only keep it in print two to three years. Since several of my books, including all three marriage books and “When You Lose Someone You Love,” are more than ten years old many of them have gone out of print. If we want to continue to use them we have to reprint them at our own expense.

At the present time we are reprinting a new edition of “Marriage in the Making.” It will be completely redesigned with a brand new title and cover. The new title will be “Intimate Moments for Couples.”  We are also reprinting “When You Lose Someone You Love” in conjunction with the publisher and “From Grief to Gratefulness.” The total cost to print these three books will be $13,500.00. May I ask that you prayerfully consider helping the ministry get these vital materials into print?

If the Lord should prompt you to help us please make you checks payable to Richard Exley Ministries or go to our web site and make an online credit card donation. Thank you for being sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit in this matter.

2008 promises to be another banner year with mission’s trips planned to Ireland, Spain and Argentina as well as seminars, retreats and conferences around the country.  I will continue to produce a daily pod cast for the web site as well as a regular blog and updated materials for each of the ministry areas. Of course I will continue to write. My plate is fuller than ever and I love it. It is a high honor to work for the King and I thank God everyday for His call on my life and for your partnership with me. When you support this ministry with your prayers and your finances you share in the eternal reward (see Phil. 4:15-20, especially verse 17).

Continue to pray for us as we pray for you.  Thank you for sharing your prayer concerns with us.  We consider it a privilege to pray for you concerning the issues of your lives.

May the Lord give you a Christ filled Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Love and prayers,
Richard and Brenda

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