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Marty's Latest Heartbreak
Posted on January 09, 2007

Marty’s Latest Heartbreak 

I’m an avid football fan and even though the Denver Broncos didn’t make the playoffs I’m still glued to the games. As always there have been some surprises. Had you told me the Baltimore defense would hold the Colts and Payton Manning without a touchdown I wouldn’t have given Indianapolis a chance, yet they won 15 to 6. Chicago beat Seattle in overtime and the Saints edged out the Eagles in a game that could have gone either way, which brings us to the Patriots and Chargers.  Once again Marty Schottenheimer came up short – a bitter ending to another great season. 

Having won more regular season games (200) without going to the Super Bowl than any coach in the history of the NFL, Marty obviously knows something about the thrill of victory but even more about the agony of defeat. It’s bad enough to lose when you’ve played your best and simply been beaten by a better team, but when you beat yourself, as Marty and the Chargers did, the self-doubt and second guessing can be unbearable.

So what non-football lessons can we learn from Marty’s latest heartbreak?

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