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Making Memories Your Children Will Never Forget
Posted on May 08, 2007

Somehow, year after year Dad managed to take us on vacations he couldn't afford in order to make memories we couldn't afford to be without. Needless to say, my life is the richer for his commitment.

As I recall my own childhood, the thing I remember most is the special relationship I had with my dad.  Thinking about it now, several memories come to mind -- the time Dad helped me build a clubhouse when I was maybe ten or eleven years old, the first time he took me deer hunting, and all the times he played catch with me in the evening after supper.  Still, no memory is more special than the time he took my brother, Don, and me fishing at the North Sterling Reservoir.

We borrowed Uncle Denny's boat and set out for the reservoir in the pre-dawn darkness. When at last we reached the lake, I could hardly contain my excitement. What could be better than trolling for trout in Colorado? In a matter of minutes we had launched the boat, and while Dad connected the gas line and primed the motor, Don and I began rigging up. Don selected a green and yellow flatfish while I tied a hot pink daredevil on my line. Distinctly I can recall the mist rising from the water to swallow our boat, waves lapping gently against the bow, and the smell of the morning.

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